Friday Favorites (Episode 2)

Our inaugural Friday Favorites proved such a big hit, we’re back with more!  Here are a few things us Napps enjoyed this week (starting with that homage to bacon above):

  • Prince George Alexander Louis arrived! Seriously, how could anything else be first on this list?  Congratulations to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their precious son.  I know I am not alone in my excitement.  I have no shame in admitting that I spent a good portion of Monday and Tuesday with a live feed of London hospital doors on my second screen. Yes, you did read that right. She watched a video of a door…..yet she didn’t like last week’s cat video. Got to love her 🙂  While I know there are some haters out there, it was a great week for Kate Middleton fans like me.
  • In our last episode, a Kevin-provided YouTube video about a sad cat proved a big hit with you readers.  Continuing with the animal series, we offer this gem. Credit goes to my co-worker, Shamus for showing this to me. The over the head throw is what gets me laughing every time. This guy seems to have adapted a pretty good strategy for dealing with mangy raccoons.
  • This article has been making its way around the internet lately.  Some person out there with way too much time on their hands concocted this theory connecting all Pixar movies.  It’s quite the read.  It’s long, but worth it for any fan of the Pixar’s films.
  • We’re big baseball fans here at the Napp home.  Granted, considering that we root for the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians, it’s shocking we still love the game.  But we do.  We are watching the biopic about Jackie Robinson, 42, as I type this.  We even play in a fantasy league together (where I’m three places ahead of Kevin!).  Anyway, when Jimmy Fallon sent Mets pitcher Matt Harvey out onto the streets of New York to interview baseball fans, this great video was born.  Seriously, everyone, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, stay away from cameras. I doubt I would be able to recognize all of my favorite athletes in street clothes either, but the guy in the Harvey jersey should be a bit ashamed.
  • Speaking of baseball, the cast of one of Kevin’s childhood favorites reunited recently to celebrate 20 years since the release of their classic movie. Small’s was a no show though – “You’re Killing me Small’s”
  • On a more serious note, if you have any interest in North Korean culture, you should find this article interesting.  It’s a fascinating reminder that people there live in another world.  Keep North Korea in your prayers.  They need Jesus.  How awesome would it be to see the revivals sweeping South Korea sweep across the 38th parallel.

That’s it from the Napps this week.  Have a great weekend!  We’re finally busting out the turkey that’s been in our freezer since post-Thanksgiving sales.  Kevin will be living on turkey leftovers until August.

What are your weekend plans?


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!


In celebration of the end of a long week, we thought we’d share a few things that made us smile recently. (Kevin’s remarks are italicized.)

  • Fireworks are practically everywhere this time of year.  Most shows get spread out over a predetermined length of time.  This video, from 2012, hit a snag when all the explosives went off at once.  It’s short-lived, but pretty epic.
  • If you have ever heard Kevin talk about Sarah Jessica Parker (Seriously, how did she ever get on screen?), you will understand why this meme made him oh-so-happy.
  • We are nowhere close to having babies ourselves, but some of our friends are starting down that path.  It’s so exciting to watch their excitement and be even the smallest part of their joy.  And nothing expresses baby joy like this video.  Mom, get out your tissues before you watch it – even I teared up.  Bradey and Heather, who also happened to have done our wedding video, are my first close friends to be adding to their family and I am thrilled beyond words for them!  Plus, they are going to be completely awesome parents.
  • Speaking of kids, we helped out at our church’s VBS this week.  I ran the music and Kevin wrangled 2nd graders.  There’s nothing like spending a week with precocious children to remind you that they say the darndest things.  For example, one 2nd grader told Kevin that he has hunted lions with a crossbow (This young hunter extraordinaire has also bagged a hippo, deer, rabbit, and a blue fish.) Another told me that the only thing he fears is when his sister paints her nails.
  • We both read Gone Girl in the last year and loved it. (It was really good, and helped me get through my home-school conferences this year.)  It’s not for everyone.  In fact, my guess is that the upcoming movie will be a strong PG-13.  Still, we will definitely be seeing the movie and were thrilled to see that Ben Affleck is in talks to play Nick.  We both think he would be perfect for the part.  Say what you may about Affleck’s Gigli days; he’s come a long way from there.  The man made a movie that won the Oscar, for goodness sake!
  • A constant source of disconnect in our marriage stems from YouTube.  Kevin loves it; I, for the most part, don’t get it.  Case in point: this cat video.  Kevin found it hilarious (enjoyed it) and watched it a bunch of times (2 times); I found it mildly amusing and barely made it through the whole thing. (She loved it but doesn’t want to admit it.)
  • We discovered this week that we have a fundamental difference of opinion when it comes to applesauce.  I put plain cinnamon on mine, while Kevin adds cinnamon sugar. (Don’t knock it until you have tried it.)
  • I could not be more excited for to see this movie.  Tom Hanks is already getting Oscar buzz for it and the rest of the cast looks phenomenal as well.  As Kevin put it, it’s a Disney movie about a Disney movie with Walt Disney as the main character.  As I put it, what could be better? (Probably my cat video.)
  • Oh, and in case you live under a rock and weren’t aware, the Royal Baby could be born literally any time.  I could not possibly be more excited.  Every time my Breaking News app goes off, I freak out a little bit.  Could Kate Middleton and I just be best friends already?

That’s it from the Napps this week.  Stay tuned next week for some updates on what we’ve been doing this summer.

Have a great weekend!

What Internet treasures did you stumble upon this week?