Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s been a long time.

We have both been insanely busy at work so our evenings have been spent crashing, not writing blog posts. We’re back, though, and hopefully this post will bring a bright spot to my dear mother-in-law’s day!

Exactly a month ago now, I reached the ripe old age of 26. I know, practically on Social Security. We had a great time celebrating over the course of Birthday Week; most of the festivities fell on the weekend.


Friday night we headed to the Greene and met up with friends for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I truly could not have chosen better people to spend the evening with. Thanks so much to the Babcocks, Deardens, and dear Clara for coming.

Saturday, my actual birthday, Kevin had to work until early afternoon.  Once he got off, though, we headed up to Columbus.  We met up with my family and headed to the Food Truck Festival downtown.  There were more than forty trucks all serving various treats.  We sampled all sorts of things.  It was a perfect birthday dinner.  Although, we did have an unreasonably long wait to get jerk chicken at one truck.  Strike two, Jamaica.

Sunday, Kevin had planned a special “Surprise Day of Awesome” for me!  We started off enjoying the local fare in Yellow Springs at Sunrise Cafe.  I cannot believe we had never been before; it’s truly a local gem.  They served us hot chocolate in tiny individual teapots and the food was delicious.  Kevin got a really excellent buffalo sausage patty.  The decor is fun and unique – classic Yellow Springs.

From Yellow Springs, we headed down to Cincinnati.  We spent most of the afternoon at the Cincinnati Museum Center.  This trio of  museums resides in the former Grand Central Station of Cinci.  The best part of the afternoon was the behind-the-scenes tour we took of the building.  Such incredible history!  I have never seen such great Art Deco architecture and decor!

Yep…I chose to spend my birthday at a museum.  And I loved it.  #totalnerd  Of course, we did not pass up to get sundaes in the ice cream parlor in the lobby.  The whole parlor is decorated with Rookwood tile.  The tiles in that room alone are worth more than the whole building.


After we finished at the musuems, we had some extra time before dinner so we swung over to the Newport Aquarium.  Our last visit was the weekend we “officially” started dating so it was fun to go back.  We spent a long time watching the sharks and the penguins.  We even got to get closer to the sharks than we did swimming with them at Disney.  My childhood dreams of being a marine biologist were satiated for the year.

We capped off the night at Sotto in downtown Cinci.  This Italian restaurant sits just below street level and is the most authentically European restaurant I have eaten at in the States (granted, my experience is somewhat limited here in Ohio).  Water was served in one large glass bottle at the table, no ice.  The menu was structured by course and varied slightly from the typical American routine.  The food was good, though not exceptional.  Overall, though, the atmosphere and experience made Sotto the perfect choice for my big day.  My only regret is that I did not order their house-made pasta.  Seriously…what was I thinking??

The weekend really was great.  Adult birthdays try so hard to live up to the standard set by childhood experiences.  I think I am finally learning that adult birthdays are not bad, they are just different.  The most important thing is doing what you love with people you love.  I definitely did that.


We’ve come a long way since we first stood overlooking the Ohio River together back in March 2011!


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