My Latest Accessory

If you have noticed a slowing of new posts in the last several weeks, blame my eyes.  I have been suffering increasingly terrible headaches over the past several months.  Recently, they reached a point where I was having trouble making it through a full day at work.  Kevin and I could not figure out what was causing the issues until my family suggested a trip to the eye doctor.


As soon as I heard that, everything started fitting.  It’s a classic story of a girl who reads too much and spends far too long in front of screens each day.  After a frustrating process trying to find an eye doctor who is covered by our insurance and could get me in, I had an appointment a week and a half ago.  She confirmed our suspicions.  Too much screen time and, turns out, I am ever so slightly far sighted.  I was prescribed glasses, frequent breaks from computer work, and a few eye exercises.

I have had perfect vision my whole life – until now, that is.  I had not even been to an eye doctor since high school.  That’s probably why is took an outside person like my mother, who works in an optometry office, to see the problem.

Now, if you know us, you probably know that Kevin is about as blind as a bat without his contacts.  I may or may not gloat about my vision from time to time in our marriage, particularly when playing the alphabet game on road trips and I can read the signs all the way down the road.  One may say I’m getting what I deserve.

We were hoping we would be able to pick up a pair of cheap reading glasses for me from a drug store rack.  Turns out, however, that my eyes are too good for those glasses.  Ridiculous.  I need +.50 and reading glasses like that start at +1.00.  Also, it was important that I get special anti-reflective lenses to help with all my computer time at work.  After a painful week of waiting and avoiding computers as much as I could, we picked up my new accessory on Saturday!

Technically, I only have to wear them for reading, computers, and TV.  Let’s face it, though…that’s most of my day.  I already wear them most of the time.  It’s pretty weird for a glasses newbie like me, but I like them so far.  What do you think?

IMG_0244Oh, and now that I have my glasses, I hope to be back blogging consistently.  We have so much to share!  Stay tuned for our final Florida post, our thoughts on the Disney experience, a recap of what we did in June, and more!


What do you think?

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