Welcome to Disney!

After a wonderful few days in Nashville at the Opryland, we headed to the airport and hopped a plane to Orlando.  (On a quick side note, we loved the Nashville airport.  Easily one of the smoothest airport experiences either of has ever experienced thanks to a wonderful staff.)  We arrived in sunny Florida on Sunday afternoon.

That evening, we got to have dinner with my great aunt and uncle whom Kevin had never met.  We also got to spend some time with our hosts for the next few days: a CU coworker’s wonderfully gracious parents.  We were and are so grateful for their hospitality.  We stayed with them until Kevin’s second conference started on Thursday.

First thing Monday morning, we headed to Disney World!  Just the sight of this sign set me to squealing like a six year old girl.

DSCF0455Neither Kevin nor I had been to a Disney park since our childhood, so we (ok, maybe just me) were so excited to have the chance to go this year.  When we bought our plane tickets back in the spring, I may or may not have marched around our kitchen singing the theme song from The Mickey Mouse Club.

DSCF0457After some research into which parks are busiest on which days, we decided to start with Epcot on Monday.

IMG_0124We got to the parks every morning right when they opened, which proved to be absolutely key in getting in some of the most popular attractions before the crowds arrived.


The very first thing we rode that morning was Mission: SPACE.  It’s a simulator ride which gives you the sensations of taking a trip to Mars.  It served as a great reminder for us straight out of the gate that we aren’t 16 any more.  Neither one of us, but especially not me, does well on simulator rides.

Since the World Showcase was not open yet at that point in the day, we opted for Spaceship Earth.  That’s the ride inside the iconic Epcot globe.  You board a never-ending train of cars and travel through the history of mankind’s innovations, each depicted with Disney’s famous animatronic figures acting out the scenes.  Below are just a few pictures I took on the ride.

While we wandered around Future World that morning, we saw a quick street performance by the Jammitors.

DSCF0471At all of the parks, Disney has sporadic street performances throughout the day.  We rarely stopped to watch, but these guys were so entertaining.  They played their trash can drums and even did a little rap about Disney.  Maybe the best part for us was imagining how much that older guy in the middle embarrasses his children when they are out in public together.

We were incredibly impressed with the landscaping throughout Epcot.  It was easily the finest landscaping we saw on our trip – including our stays at the Gaylord resorts.  Maybe we got lucky since we were there the day after the annual Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival had ended.  Many of the installations seemed fairly permanent, though.  Whatever the reason, we enjoyed the beauty!

DSCF0460Because I turned into a crazy picture fiend during our time at Disney. we have so much to share.  I took more than 400 pictures at the parks alone!  We won’t share even close to all of them here, but I am going to continue breaking the trip descriptions into multiple posts, just like I did for Nashville.  There’s just too much to tell all at once!  Make sure you subscribe to Napp Time or bookmark us so you don’t miss any of the action!  And, for those of you who aren’t big Disney fans, we spent four days in Florida after the Disney days and will have some posts about those days as well – including one about the fabulous seafood restaurant we visited!

In the words of Mickey Mouse, see you real soon!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Disney!

  1. I am excited but also jealous to read these Disney World posts 😉 Excited for you guys and can’t wait to read more about your time! I will be taking notes for when I finally convince Tim to take me! 😉

    • We had so much fun! We probably wouldn’t have gone if it hadn’t been for Kevin’s conference in Orlando, but I’m so glad it worked out!

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