It’s no secret that the Napps love food.  We experiment in the kitchen at home, we grow our own food, and are always in hunt of a great new restaurant.  Whenever we leave our small town and its limited food choices behind us, we know that discovering new places to eat will be one of the best adventures of our new city.

If that city happened to be Nashville, we can say with certainty we would not complain about the food.

DSCF0428We ate at some great places while we were down there a few weeks ago, including several restaurants at Opryland.  We got the chance to try three local Nashville eateries and would happily return to any of them.  Of course, I only remembered to take pictures at one.  Sorry about that…

Thursday night, we met up with two of our favorite Nashville-ites, Taylor & Rachel.  They took us to a fantastic little burger place, The Pharmacy.  They have these awesome, unique burgers and some really amazing fries.  The ambiance tops their food, though.  You can see pictures on their website, but they basically have this backyard area full of picnic tables and strung up with lights.  So fun to go and hang out and grab a bite with friends.

DSCF0424Friday, we had the privilege of seeing my cousin Matt and his fiancée, Alyssa.  These two are getting married in just a few weeks!  They both went to school in Nashville, so they know the area.  They very kindly drove over two hours from their new home in Alabama to spend the day with us.


For dinner, they had actually been hoping to take us to The Pharmacy as well!  That’s how good those burgers are.  We ended up at Silly Goose.  It was, in Kevin’s words, the ultimate hipster restaurant.  All the pictures from the post are of our time there, including that cheese plate we started with.

DSCF0432That’s the sandwich Kevin got.  They call it the “Bird” sandwich: grilled chicken breast, sun-dried tomato, avocado, bacon, and peppered goat cheese on wholegrain bread.  He loved it.  I even had a bite, despite the presence of avocado, and enjoyed it as well.

DSCF0430Now, I know the picture there may not look that appetizing, but my entrée was delicious.  I got “Commander.”  It’s cast iron flat iron steak, rapini, roasted grapes, gorgonzola, caramelized fennel, celery root, rosemary smoked pine nuts, a madeira demi glace, and gremolata.  I’ll be honest; as much of a foodie as I am, I had never tried most of those ingredients and had never even heard of some of them.  Perfect food adventure and it paid off.  The roasted grapes were an especially nice sweet note in the midst of the richer flavors.

DSCF0427You can see a little from this picture what I mean by this place being a hipster palace.  We drank from Mason jars, the menus came on clipboards, we had bandanas for napkins, the food has a strong push toward natural ingredients, both menu items and the restaurant itself had quirky and nonsencial names, and our server had wore a flannel shirt, skinny jeans, and a beard.  It was so cliché, and yet so good.  We would definitely go back if given the chance.

Saturday night, we went out with Taylor and Rachel again and they took us to Soulshine Pizza.  Once again, I forgot pictures.  Let me paint the scene for you: indoor and outdoor seating on two levels.  Upstairs on a crowded patio there’s live music.  Down on the street level, we sat enjoying the evening breeze with more light strands hanging above us, each bulb reflecting on the modern art of the colored glass windows in the storefront.  The pizza was great, but the company was better.

So that’s what we ate in Nashville.  And we feel as though we just scratched the surface.  We drove down several streets where we said, “If we lived here, we would make it our goal to eat at every restaurant on this strip.”  That’s the kind of people we are.  No shame.  I don’t think our wallets or our waistlines could afford goals like that, but we would be very happy residents of Music City.  Maybe someday?

IMG_0109Oh and for one last glimpse into my penchant for the indulgent, take a look at this amazing used book store Matt took me to.  He shares my adoration for the written word.  It’s called McKay and I would like to set up a cot in the back of their store.  This picture shows a part of their immense inventory of used books, movies, and music (including vinyl!).  It was a great thing we were on a schedule and I was restrained by packing space because I could have spent weeks and hundreds of dollars there.  I escaped with only 4 books, although Kevin probably wouldn’t use the word ‘only.’


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