I Want to Move Here

It is no secret that Kevin and I want to travel a lot.  We even bought a map to help us keep track of our global adventures.  Our solitary international journey to date did not turn out as hoped thanks to Hurricane Sandy and a wicked stomach bug.  Since then, we have been itching to get out of our little village and start to see the world!

Downtown Nashville

Faithful readers will remember our short jaunt to Kentucky earlier this spring.  This time around, though, we aimed far enough south to ensure swimming pools and tan lines.

Because Kevin works in CU’s Admissions office, he occasionally goes to conferences to recruit.   When we were dating, he was on the Indiana-Illinois-Wisconsin circuit.  Outside of Chicago, that territory did not offer much in the way of vacation spots.  Since he got promoted last summer, though, he recruits students from across the country for our Dual Enrollment program (courses that high school students can take to earn college credit).

DSCF0433This spring he had quite a few conventions to attend and I did not go to most of them.  When I saw Nashville and Orlando on his schedule, though, there was no question that I would be coming along.

IMG_0117I love Nashville.  I had only been once before a few years back to visit a cousin living there, but the city left its mark on me quickly.  Plus, these days we have quite a few friends living and working in Music City.  Kevin had never been, but this visit was enough to convince him as well.  The words “I want to move here” were out of my mouth before we even got out of the car at the hotel.  Anyone know of jobs in Nashville we would be good at?

DSCF0441Consider this week to be ‘Nashville Week’ here on Napp Time.  I cannot wait to tell you all about the things we did and saw and ate.  I’ll get around to the Orlando portion of our trip starting next week (think Mickey).


For now, enjoy these few general pics from around the city.  These last two are from the walking bridge downtown (Thanks to Matt & Alyssa for that recommendation!).  We walked across it on Friday night after wandering around downtown for a bit.  But I’ll get to that…  To hear the details of just why we love Nashville so much, make sure to come back throughout the week.

Have you ever been to Nashville?  Was it love at first sight for you, too?


One thought on “I Want to Move Here

  1. yes several times, love the grand hotel. we spent a week going to a gaither convention. loved it. it’s beautiful. hope u could find a job there, enjoy these trips. but i also love micky in orlando. been there lot more times. ur last time time was when we celebrated ur 40th anniversary and stayed with mickey in one of his many homes (hotels) on disney land.

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