Big Sister Pride

Grad Family

We had the immense privilege of seeing my little sister graduate with her undergraduate degree a few weeks ago.  She received a degree in Social Work and did so with honors.  Could not be more proud!

Kevin and I have been to a few Christian college graduations now (our own, other Cedarville ceremonies, Kristen’s graduation from Calvin last year, and now Whitney’s).  We both came away thoroughly impressed by Indiana Wesleyan’s excellence in everything from facilities to ceremony to parking attendants.  Maybe I’m betraying my alma mater by admitting that, but it’s true.  The whole day really was excellent and we were impressed.

My mom and I tried to get a few pictures of her actually receiving her degree, but mine turned out blurry and my mom got blocked by the head of the man in front of her.  So, sadly, all we have are a few pictures of her getting ready to walk across stage.

Graduating!There’s also this one from right after the graduates processed into the chapel.  Classic Whitney.  Oh, and some guy’s nose.

Classic WhitneyAfter the ceremony, much to the dismay of the men, we took quite a few pictures.  It was such a gorgeous day and they really turned out well.

Graduate & ParentsGraduate and proud parents.  The most impressive part of this picture is not Whitney’s diploma.  It’s the fact that my dad is actually smiling.  Must have been early in the photo shoot.

Graduate & GrandparentsGraduate and grandparents.  Love them so much and so happy they were there with us.  Kevin and I got the immense honor of taking them to breakfast before graduation.  No one loves breakfast restaurants more than my grandpa.

Graduate & BFFGraduate and her bff.  Kevin and I had so much fun having Brittany drive out with us.  Our family could not be more excited that after decades of friendship, Whitney and Brittany are finally getting their wish.  Brittany is officially joining the family soon by marrying one of our cousins.

Classic Sister PoseClassic sister pose.  Every occasion ever.  The most important part of this picture, though: Whitney’s shoes.  Pretty sure I’ll be borrowing those at some point.

Graduate & boyfriendGraduate and her great boyfriend.  It takes a good guy to drive to another state in a car with her parents and grandparents.  And he’s taller than her even with her wearing those adorable heels.  So many points for Aaron.

Sisters & their menGraduate, proud sister, and their men.  We are two very blessed women to be standing by these men.

Graduation Full FamilyAll of the Merrins together.  (Notice that both my dad and grandfather are executing the classic Merrin move of hiding behind your wife in photographs.)  We’re all so proud of this beautiful woman!  There is no doubt that God has great things in store for her.  Congrats, Whitney!


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