Getting Away

When we got married, one of the things that most excited us was traveling together.  We have all sorts of grandiose plans on how we are going to see the world.  Somehow we made it six months without doing any traveling outside of our honeymoon.  And you know how that went.  Finally, though, the wait ended!


For Kevin’s birthday and our six month anniversary, we snagged a Living Social escape for a cabin in Kentucky.  As you know, we stopped in Louisville for a great lunch on our way down.  We stayed at the Edgewater resort, which is situated on Taylorsville Lake – about halfway between Louisville and Lexington.  

Cabin outside

It’s a small stretch of cabins all overlooking at least some portion of the lake.  While I have no doubt the place is swarming with families in the summertime, we experienced near total quiet, which could not have made us happier.  The inside of the cabin was clean and homey, with a full kitchen.

Edgewater interior

I packed a bag of kitchen utensils from home to be sure I had everything we would need (I did not want to be limited to what may or may not have been in the cabin and I am pretty picky when it comes to knives).  We stopped at the grocery on the way to the cabin and got enough food to keep us well fed for the weekend, without having to leave.

Birthday Dinner

Despite warm weather the preceding week, our three days in the Bluegrass State consisted of temperatures in the 50s and low 60s.  Since we did not have a lot planned, this really worked out fine.  We ended up spending a ton of time in the hot tub on the cabin’s deck since the weather was perfect for it.  One night we set up the laptop on the patio table and watched a few episodes of one of our favorite shows from the hot tub.  Saturday morning, Kevin saw a family of deer while he was soaking.


On Sunday, Kevin’s birthday, I woke up at 7:45 to find the other side of the bed empty.  After checking everywhere in the cabin to no avail, I found him already enjoying the hot tub.  The boy was a prune by the time we left.  I cannot blame him though, we really had a peaceful, pretty view from up there.

Deck ViewOf course, our view could not compare to the other side of the lake.  This is the view from the resort’s offices.

Lake ViewKevin’s big wish for the weekend was to get in some fishing time.  My man has more than a drop of his fisherman grandfather’s blood in his veins.

Fisherman Kevin

Had it been warmer, we probably would have rented a boat.  Instead, we worked out way through the brush on the hill behind our cabin and Kevin found a quiet spot while I read a book nearby.  No luck on the line, but we both enjoyed our activities.


We really did not do much at all over the course of the weekend, but that was its beauty.  We so rarely get to disconnect and just spend time together, that we treasured the opportunity to get away.  Hiking, fishing, reading, hot tubbing, grilling – can’t ask for much more from a getaway weekend.  Oh, and we stopped at one of our favorite Louisville restaurants on the way home.

What are your favorite places to get away for peace and quiet?  Anywhere we should add to our list of places to visit?  Do prefer vacations to be relaxing or full of activity?


3 thoughts on “Getting Away

  1. Sounds wonderful 🙂 If you ever get a chance to go to New England, spend a weekend at a cabin in Vermont in the fall. Absolutely beautiful!

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