A Cheesy Return!

Remember back at the end of January when I promised we were going to post more? That really did not pan out well.  I’ll be honest. We spent February and March at home watching a lot of TV.  There is very little to do in a small Ohio town during the winter.  It’s cold, people are sick, anywhere warm is too far to travel on a budget, things are generally pretty boring.  All that to say, we have not been posting because there has been nothing to post about!

The only slightly exciting thing I can think of that I actually have one solitary picture of is a night we drove down to Cincinnati to hear some live jazz.  The event definitely was not what we were expecting, but we still enjoyed some good music!

Jazz Concert

Thankfully, we are slowly returning to a more normal, adventure-filled life!  In fact, 2013 is dishing up an extremely busy late spring and early summer.  We have lots of travel plans and lots of exciting family events.  To kick it all off, we spent the weekend away celebrating both Kevin’s 26th birthday and our 6-month anniversary (How has it been 6 months already?!). We’ll have plenty more to say about the trip in our next post, but first let’s talk cheese!

Tom + Chee

Grilled cheese, to be precise.  We stopped in Louisville, KY for lunch on our drive and enjoyed the delightful tastes of Tom + Chee.

Tom + Chee specializes in, well, gourmet grilled cheese.  And not just any grilled cheese.  They have fantastic ingredients and unique combinations, making for a great dining experience. We found the laid-back atmosphere enjoyable as well, although the employee who took our order really could have used a course in communicating with customers.  That was our only complaint.

Tom + Chee Menu

I got a Pesto + Turkey sandwich (pesto, roasted turkey, and mozzarella on sourdough) with a cup of Chunky Tomato Basil soup.

Yum yum yum

Kevin built his own grilled cheese rather than ordering off one of their “fancy” grilled cheese.  He got roast beef and cheddar on sourdough and loved his as well.

Kevin loves cheese

While this may be a super obvious statement since Tom + Chee specializes in grilled cheese, I came away very impressed at how perfectly our sandwiches were grilled (check out those pictures).  Maybe I am just too impatient at home and therefore have the heat too high, but I rarely execute my grilled sandwiches this well.  Like I said, though, it’s all they do.  They better be good at it.

Of course, I could recreate any of these things at home, but we really enjoyed our stop at Tom + Chee.  We love cheese, including the grilled variety.  They have a location or two in Cinci, so we plan to go back.  I see it as one of those places where I could try practically everything on the menu…well, almost.

Their other specialty is grilled cheese on donuts…yeah, you read that right.  Apparently it’s what they are most known for. They have even been featured on the Today Show for these.  We did not try one, but they are basically dessert grilled cheese which substitutes glazed donuts instead of bread.  They do not make the donuts in house (I peeked over the counter and saw a container of donuts from the supermarket); fresh-made donuts would definitely entice me more.  Regardless, I simply do not think I could eat a whole one.  Still, when we do go back, I’d love to split one with Kevin or a few friends.  I did have my eye on the Mint Summer’s Night (Chocolate + Mint Mascarpone + Fresh Strawberries + Mozzarella).  All things I love…but together? and on a donut?  Only another visit will tell.

Happy customer

Have you eaten at Tom + Chee or a similar gourmet grilled cheese restaurant?  Do you like the fun combinations or do you stick to white bread and American cheese?  My favorite grilled cheese to make at home combines mozzarella, fresh basil, sliced grape tomatoes, and honey on hearty wheat bread.  What do you think about donut grilled cheese?  Would you try it?


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