Christmastime in the City

Chicago SkylineThree guesses where we went over the holidays!  Here’s a hint: the right side of that panoramic shot should totally give it away.  Still not sure?  Here’s a bigger hint:

The Bean

In the pictures, of course, you see “Cloud Gate” by Anish Kapoor, affectionately dubbed “The Bean” by most tourists.  You can see a big patch of snow clinging to the side despite its smooth surface.  Still trying to work out our location?  Here’s one more hint for you:

Sausage Pizza

That’s some serious sausage pizza.  Deep dish.  Sauce on top.  Come on, if you haven’t figured it out by now, you never will.  Over Christmas, we spent a day in Chicago with Kevin’s family (minus his mom, who unfortunately had to work).  Here we all are at the table during our delicious lunch.
DSCF0294We ate at Lou Malnati’s, which boasts the best Chicago-style pizza out there.  We obviously have not tried them all, but Lou got no complaints from us.  It was delicious.  We got one veggie pizza and one sausage and everyone walked away full and happy.DSCF0295Kevin grew up about an hour and half away from Chicago.  Typically, their family just drives all the way into the city, but that day we decided to take the train part of the way.  Now, I love public transportation (does that make me a total weirdo?) but even that trip was a little much for me.  We were on that train for hours.  Next trip, we’ll deal with the parking fees and drive.  On the trainNapps on a trainAfter lunch, we walked back to Michigan Avenue and hit the shops!  We visited only a few days after Christmas, so we saw holiday decorations everywhere, even along the street.  Even though I hate snow, I cannot deny that it made these little Christmas trees look that much better.DSCF0296Despite the shopping crowds on the Magnificent Mile, we had a great time and got in some good shopping time, including stops at the biggest H&M I’d ever seen, Tiffany’s for some browsing, and the Lego store.  My 8-year old self would have been ashamed, though; we skipped The American Girl Place, despite standing right outside its doors.  Kevin’s dad and sister scored a coveted spot by a Starbucks fireplace and we all eventually ended up there, soaking in the warmth before heading down to Millennium Park.  Of course, not before taking a few pictures by a giant Christmas tree and as we crossed the river.Chicago Christmas

Over the river

Believe it or not, I had actually never been to Millennium Park before.  Kevin and I hope to head back up to Chicago sometime this summer to see the Cubs play at Wrigley, so we’ll have to get the obligatory “Bean” reflection picture when its warmer and the sun is out.  Still, we enjoyed wandering about and getting some pictures.  As you can tell from the pictures at the top of the post, I finally discovered the panoramic function on the camera Kevin got me for my birthday last year.  I had a lot of fun with that.  My favorite is this one of the very crowded skating rink.  Ice Skating

Chicago Skyscrapers

In one last hurrah before returning to the eternal train ride, Kevin stumbled across a Baskin Robbins.  Now, anyone who knows Kevin really well knows he harbors a love for their Daquiri Ice ice cream.  It’s a rare flavor that only some of their locations carry.  To his delight, this one had it.  He could not have been happier.  I tried said elusive ice cream.  For the record, it tasted gross.  But see how happy he is 🙂

Daquiri Ice


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