A Little Bit Country

Carrie Underwood

We know, we know.  It’s been forever.  I can hardly believe it has been nearly two months since we posted anything.  We officially claim the title of worst bloggers ever.  Cut us some slack, though; we’re newbies.  Besides, the holidays kept us just a bit busy.  Between various work parties and fitting time in with friends before everyone headed off to their respective families, we packed a lot into December.  We spent over a week on what we affectionately dubbed “The Whirlwind Tour of 2012.”  We had a great time and saw nearly all of our family members.  Despite the fact that everyone told us to take it easy our first married Christmas, we felt that we couldn’t miss family functions after everyone had made the effort to get to our wedding.  Next year, we’ll be completely M.I.A.  Just kidding.

Since New Year’s the only excuse we have for not blogging is laziness.  Oh, and the endless string of illnesses we’ve contracted.  Between the two of us, we have not been mutually healthy for more than a few consecutive days since before Christmas.  Kevin started off the year with an emergency root canal (it was bad, folks) and this vicious flu has taken its toll as well.  We’re hoping February finds us much healthier and able to get out and do fun things again.

Blown Away Tour

Speaking of fun things, way back in early December we got the chance to see the great Carrie Underwood on tour.  Country haters, judge away; she was incredible.  I bought the tickets the very day the went on sale way back in the spring and we had pretty great seats.  To say I was excited is a pretty big understatement.  Kevin, who would never have picked this concert on his own, was a perfect picture of marital support.

Country FansWe also got to see Hunter Hayes, who is opening for Carrie on this tour.  Since I only listen to a very few select country artists and not country radio, I had not heard much of his stuff before that night.  The kid is definitely talented, although I felt like he was trying a bit too hard at some points.  Still, his songs were well written and he has a pretty decent voice.  Oh, and his looks aren’t hurting him – especially not with the population of teenage girls who I’m fairly certain screamed the entire time he was on stage.
Encore Of course, Hunter Hayes was not why we were there.  No one could rival Carrie.  While I know many popular artists do not perform well live (*cough*Taylor Swift*cough*), Carrie can most certainly be counted as the exception.  Her voice is unbelievable.  I mean, the girl can sing.  It takes a lot to impress me; Carrie left me in awe.Carrie overheadShe put on a good show as well.  At one point, a whole section of the stage came up and traveled the length of the stadium while Carrie and a few of her band members performed from above.  It made for a fun opportunity for everyone to see her a little closer.  At this point in the show, I got a good glimpse of her enormous ring.  Could we please just double date with Carrie and Mike Fisher already?
Carrie UnderwoodAnd it’s not just Carrie’s ring or voice or five outfit changes that were beautiful that night.  She is stunning – inside and out.  She seemed so genuine and even took a moment mid-concert to thank all those who had voted for her way back in her American Idol days.  And if you are unconvinced that she is the real deal, read this article and be convinced. Carrie Underwood
If you made it this far in the post, you deserve serious props for making it through the manifestation of my Carrie fanaticism.  I promise I’m done.  We had a wonderful time.  In fact, one of the most enjoyable parts of the whole night was people watching all those around us.  There were some very interesting characters in attendance that night.  If only we could have taken pictures of all of them and written a post about them instead….

Carrie overhead

PS: Sorry for the poor pictures.  Not only have I definitely not mastered concert photography, my camera battery was dying so I was trying my best to keep my picture taking quick.


One thought on “A Little Bit Country

  1. loved your country story and loved the pic’s, keep them coming!! sorry kevin about ur root canal and the flu stuff. jan. was been a bad month for me to been in ER and went back to doc. yesterday(wed.) and i need to have a scope put down my throat. to see what is going on with stomache and throat. appreaciate ur prayers, thks, auntie ruth

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