Jamaican Barbeque

Now that you have read all about what actually happened on our honeymoon (here and here, if you missed it), I know you can’t wait to hear about what we ate.  Ok, maybe not.  I know that endless photos and descriptions of food annoy some people.  I am not one of those people; I do not understand those people.  If you went on a trip – heck, if you found a new restaurant ten minutes from your house – the food is what I want to hear about.  Before we left for Jamaica, I spent more time than I am willing to admit searching blogs and Flickr albums for info on the food at Secrets resorts.  I found next to no good information.  Hopefully, this post will be useful to someone else considering a Secrets resort!  I have included the menus of all Secrets restaurants.

Our first night, we had dinner at Seaside Grill.  As you can see from our pictures and as you may remember from our first honeymoon post, we could barely keep our eyes open at this point.  Poor Kevin.  He looks like he’s about to fall face first into that steak.

Kevin got sirloin with red wine sauce (left). I got shrimp kebabs with Bearnaise sauce (center and right). Both delicious.

A standard procedure for us is to order two separate things and then split each of them.  That way, we both get to try more than one thing.  It also makes it easier to take a risk when ordering because you know you won’t be stuck with a plateful of something you don’t like.  Instead, your wonderful husband will share his steak with you.  Seaside Grill, however, we both really enjoyed.  As you can see from their dinner menu below, you basically choose a protein and choose a sauce.  In our adventurous spirit that first night, we even took some risks at the salad bar.  We tried pumpkin (verdict: neutral), heart of palm (verdict: not a favorite for me, neutral for Kevin), and Kevin tested out the anchovies (verdict: super salty).

The first three mornings we spent at Secrets, we ordered room service breakfast.  I forgot to take a picture of the room service menu, so if you’re here looking for info on Secrets’s menus, I’m so sorry!  Breakfast was good, pretty standard stuff.

Our Monday morning breakfast (left): eggs, bacon, and a hash brown for Kevin with a bacon and sausage omelette.
Tuesday morning (right): same basic meal for Kevin, French toast for me.

Monday for lunch, we went to Oceana.  At night, this restaurant focuses on seafood.  At lunch, though, they serve “Wrap it up Reggae Wraps.”  Basically, when you walk in for lunch, they hand you a slip of paper (see below) and you choose what you want on your wrap.  I took a picture of the menu because that was the first time I ever wrote my name as ‘Alise Napp.’  Super weird.  We did notice that the fries had a bit of an odd taste.  I think they used a different type of oil than we’re used to to fry them, but we never did figure out the mystery.  They were good, just had a unique aftertaste.

Kevin tested out the tuna salad with various veggies. I went for my first taste of jerk chicken with grilled pineapple. Really delicious.

Originally, we planned to hit every restaurant at Secrets.  We had an elaborate schedule that involved multiple dinners each night.  However, Hurricane Sandy and a stomach virus killed that plan by Tuesday night.  Since reaching our goal would not be possible, we ended up eating at the French restaurant, Bordeaux, both Monday and Thursday nights.  The pictures are from Monday night.  On Thursday, we ordered a lot of repeats and then both ordered the skirt steak.

Smoke Salmon (left) on a potato pancake was an odd combination for our tastes. The Bordeaux Signature Salad (center) was amazing. We ordered it again on Thursday night. The assorted cheese plate (right) is always a winner with us no matter where we are. We LOVE cheese. We also ordered the lobster bisque, but don’t have a picture of it.

Monday night main course: Surf and Turf for me (left) and snapper for Kevin (right).

Barefoot Grill was another fun lunch option.  Basically, they had some outdoor stands set up right on the beach.  You could get hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, soft drinks, etc.  They also set up some other stands to get fresh jerk chicken, fresh cut fruit, coconuts…all kinds of things.  We tried it all.  The only thing we didn’t like was the coconut.  They chopped it open and then stuck a straw in it so you could drink the milk.  Turns out, we don’t really like coconut milk.

Kevin’s dream lunch (left): a hot dog and a hamburger. In the center, Kevin is in line for the jerk chicken stand (you can see the grill) and the Barefoot Grill is on the right. He absolutely loved the jerk chicken (right).

We both really enjoyed all the jerk chicken that we had in Jamaica.  We also had it at the Jamaican Bobsled restaurant we ate at in the airport.  Each time we had it, it was a little bit different and we decided that jerk chicken is the Jamaican equivalent of southern barbecue   Everyone has their own variation of the sauce with its own nuances and secret ingredients.

Ok, for those of you who came here looking for the Secrets resorts restaurants menus, your time is now.  Our Preferred Club building had a table with all the menus on it in the lobby.  I snagged all these photos while Kevin was going through the checkout process.  I apologize for the lighting, angles, etc.  I was in a hurry and the room was dark.

Blue Mountain – Jamaican cuisine

Oceana dinner menu – seafood

Himitsu – Japanese cuisine
We really wanted to try this place, but it was the only restaurant you had to have reservations for. It was also one of the only ones open post-Sandy, so we couldn’t get a table when we wanted one.

El Patio – Mexican cuisine

Seaside Grill lunch menu
We ate here one day for lunch and it was decent. I got the Beef Saté while Kevin tried the Grilled Chicken Wings.

Porotfino – Italian cuisine
We had appetizers and desert here on Tuesday night and everything was good. We tried the bruschetta, the calamari, the Caprese salad, and the tiramisu.

Overall, we enjoyed the food on our trip.  I was really disappointed that we didn’t end up getting to try as much as we wanted.  The whole stomach virus thing really killed my appetite, so anything we had the second half of the week was pretty much shot for me.  I wish I could offer a more thorough review of the Secrets food.  It certainly was not the most amazing food we’ve ever eaten.  But, it was not bad either.  Pretty much what I expect from a place that is serving hundreds of all-inclusive guests every night.  Portion sizes were small to medium, but I liked that.  American portions are always too big for me and the smaller portions allowed us to try more.

We did just receive a voucher from Secrets for a few free nights to use in the next year as a thank-you for putting up with Hurricane Sandy.  So, who knows, maybe we’ll head back and get to try all the rest of the food!

If you did stumble across the blog looking for info on the food at Secrets resorts or the resorts in general, feel free to ask questions you may have.  We’d love to help make your vacation decision easier!


2 thoughts on “Jamaican Barbeque

  1. THANK YOU for posting these menus! My family is headed to Secrets St. James next week and we are all about the food. This has really helped!

    • I’m so glad! I searched high and low for the menus before we went, so I wanted to be able to help other people out in the same situation!

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