Secrets and Sandy (Part 2)

In case you missed the first part of our report on our Jamaican honeymoon, you can check that out by clicking here.  Once you have caught up, you will be ready to conclude the adventure here.

We started the day on Tuesday with another room service breakfast on our balcony and then headed down to the beach as quickly as possible.  We did not do a good job sleeping in on this trip, which is a problem we are attributing to being in a strange environment and having someone else in the bed for the first time, so we were often some of the first people down by the water.  Most things on the resort did not get started until 10:00am or after.  It worked out wonderfully for us, though, because we got to enjoy a near empty beach.

On Tuesday morning, we got the first signs of bad weather.  At one point while we were on the beach, it rained for maybe 30 seconds; then the sun came back out.  Around that same time, though, the staff began posting notices in regards to then Tropical Storm Sandy.  They had a meeting for all the guests before lunch, but we stayed by the pool.  It seemed very unlikely at that point that anything would happen.  We saw our first mid-afternoon thunderstorm that day, but even that seemed standard.  Our day pretty much consisted of the beach/pool rotation.  We had wanted to go swim with dolphins, but decided to wait to schedule the excursion until we found out what was happening with the storm.  Instead, we scheduled a couple’s massage at the spa for the following afternoon.  We got dressed up and ate dinner at the resort’s Italian restaurant.  After dinner, we explored the resort some more and took a late night swim in our Preferred Club pool.  As we headed to bed and started watching Conan, I started feeling a little nauseous.  We did not think a lot of it and went to sleep.

Before dinner on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, the blurriness is due to a probably drunk guest taking the picture for us.

After a long and fitful night for both of us, a dreary Wednesday morning arrived.  We continued to check the weather and ordered room service for breakfast, despite the fact that I still felt fairly gross.  Since it was rainy and windy and now Hurricane Sandy was on target for an early afternoon arrival, we stayed in our room.  I tried to sleep more and Kevin hung out on the balcony.  Per information we had received with our turn down service the night before, nearly all of the restaurants were closed for the day.  The Secrets staff had spent most of Tuesday afternoon bringing in beach furniture and making general preparations around the campus.  When Kevin went downstairs on Wednesday morning to check things out, he found that the big glass doors leading from the lobby to the pool area had been boarded up.  The giant fans above an outside sitting area had been disassembled and taken down.  Apparently, Jamaica was not experiencing the same state of denial that we were.  We stayed in our room all day.  I continued feeling nauseous and awful; the weather got worse; our spa appointment got cancelled; we watched more TBS than any human could ever want to in one day.  By the time the storm fully hit, we had hoped to see weather that was a bit more, um, epic.  From our understanding, the brunt of the storm went over Kingston, which is on the eastern side of the island.  In Montego Bay, it rained and was extremely windy.  In the picture below, which I took before the storm actually hit, you can see how dark it was and how they took down all the umbrellas around the pool and partially emptied it.  During the storm itself, it got much windier than you can see in this photo.During all this, I felt absolutely awful.  I definitely had a stomach virus of some kind.  Poor Kevin took care of me all day, even though there was very little he could do.  I felt terrible that I was ruining the day, but at least I can share the blame with Sandy.  On the plus side, we agreed that the whole “in sickness and in health, in good times and bad” part of our vows was getting an early workout.  I finally was able to go to sleep some time around 6:00pm, which is about the time the storm passed over.  We approximate that my fever broke somewhere around midnight.  Needless to say, the day was not a great one.

This basically sums up what Wednesday felt like………

While I was not actually bed ridden with senior citizens in a one room  shack with a weirdo kid bringing me chocolate, we did spend all day basically confined to our room. It was not what we expected for sure, but we also came to the conclusion that this was real life. It’s not always going to be sunny days, and friendly Jamaicans waiting on you hand and foot. Sometimes it is hurricanes and a sick wife watching TBS for 15 straight hours. While this may sound corny, I was honestly happy to still be with Alise- even if that meant just sitting next to her in bed all day. 

Thankfully, after another restless night, Thursday morning arrived with no rain and even some sunshine!  I had entered recovery mode and even ate a little bit from the breakfast bar in our lobby.  We got down to the beach as quickly as we could, eager to soak up every moment of sunshine, unsure if the stormy weather would return.

We spent the whole day out in the sun.  We sat in the surf; we lounged on rafts in the pool.  For lunch, we got food from the Barefoot Grill, an open air food stand on the beach so that we could take it back to our spot in the sand.  We stayed out there until sunset, at which point we walked up and down the coast and took some pictures.  Yes, in that top right one, Kevin is enjoying jerk chicken more than the sunset.

At the start of the week, we had a grand plan to visit all of the restaurants on the resort.  We planned double dinners and late night snacks.  Unfortunately, Sandy and the stomach virus destroyed that plan.  Because our original goal could no longer be attained and the week had already thrown us several curve balls, we decided to stick with what we knew would be good and returned to Bordeaux, the French restaurant.  We loved our meal on Monday night, so we knew we could not go wrong by returning there.

Friday morning we walked along the coast a bit to soak in those last rays of sunshine.  We packed up and headed for the airport.  Once we got through security, we had time for one last meal on Jamaican soil.  The Jamaican Bobsled Cafe was themed completely around the movie Cool Runnings.  In fact, they had TVs all over the restaurant just playing the movie.  Since it’s one of our favorites, there was no question about where we would be eating lunch.  Unbelievably, Kevin overhead some guy saying he had never heard of the movie.  Ridiculous.  That man is seriously missing out.  We had one last order of jerk chicken with rice and peas (actually beans).

Overall, we had good flights home.  They were both very crowded due to flights being canceled previously in the week due to Sandy.  I am still not quite sure it was a blessing or curse for me to be seated next to the man with the longest legs on a flight full of children, but we made it.  Thank goodness for noise cancelling headphones.  After a very long layover in Charlotte, sitting directly in front of someone who most certainly had croup, and the drive home, we made it back around 2:00am.  Kevin carried me over the threshold, despite the late hour.  Thankfully, we have the most wonderful friends who had left us food for breakfast the next morning.

While our honeymoon certainly did not turn out the way we expected, we still had a good time.  We are so thrilled to be married and settling in to life together.  Be looking for more adventures to come!  We have lots of ideas for this blog and cannot wait to share them with you!


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