Secrets and Sandy (Part 1)

Napp Time is here!

We are thrilled to be back from Jamaica and settling in to our new home together.  We absolutely loved our wedding and could not have asked for a better day.  The weather held off and everything went smoothly.  Well – almost everything.  Apparently our cake didn’t arrive until right before we walked into the reception.  But, it tasted delicious, so I have no complaints.  A huge thanks goes out to everyone who participated in the day or even just showed up.  It meant so much to have you there. We will post more on the wedding once we have some pictures.  For now, though, we will start with the day after the wedding.

Sunday morning came a little too early for the bride who had forgotten to take out the bobby pins out of her hair the night before.  Was that splitting headache from those little daggers poking into my head all night or was it the result of an emotional hangover?  My verdict: a little of both (however, taking the bobby pins out really helped).  We stayed at the beautiful Cincinnatian hotel on our wedding night and loved it.  We drove from there about twenty minutes to the Cincinatti airport and had plenty of time to check in and get a morning jolt from Starbucks before our flight.  Both our flights to Charlotte and Montego Bay were smooth.  We had a few noisy neighbors of all ages on both flights, but our excitement kept them from transitioning to annoyance from entertainment.  This trip marked our first time flying together, an exciting milestone since its something we hope to do a lot of throughout our marriage.

Upon arriving in Montego Bay (around 2:00pm local time), we welcomed both the immediate warmth and the luscious green foliage everywhere.  Back in Ohio, leaves had begun to turn several weeks prior, so seeing green again was a welcome sight.  Also, for whatever reason, I had not expected the island to be so mountainous.  Perhaps its just my Midwestern roots showing, but I found it really refreshing to be somewhere without flat terrain.  It was about a twenty minute drive to our resort, Secrets St. James.  Our room was wonderful and had a beautiful view overlooking our pool and the Caribbean Sea.We got down to the beach as soon as possible.  After laying out for a while, we explored the resort just enough to get our bearings.  The whole Secrets campus is pretty large because it combines the St. James resort and the Wild Orchid resort.  Honestly, there did not seem to be much of a difference between the two; I believe the interior decor is different, but we did not see inside the Wild Orchid rooms.  Most of the restaurants and activities are on the Wild Orchid side as well.  We immediately decided that we were so happy to be exactly where we were on the resort.  We stayed in the Preferred Club section of the St. James resort.  This meant special access to some additional pools (such as the one in our view) and other areas.  We also discovered it meant more quiet, which we loved.  The “regular” areas seemed to have more groups of friends vacationing and enjoying the all inclusive alcohol.  The Preferred Club seemed to be more couples like us who mainly wanted to stay to themselves.  So nice.

Secrets had nearly ten different restaurants to choose from on the campus.  That first night we went to Seaside Grill for surf and turf.  I am planning a separate post just about food at the resort, so, foodies, you’ll have to hang on for that one.  Here’s us after dinner that first night.  We were SO tired.  We were both asleep within fifteen minutes of this picture being taken.  Seriously. First night in Jamaica and we were asleep by 8:15.

The next morning brought room service breakfast on the balcony.  We ate out there most mornings.  Yeah, that’s my sexy husband looking much better after ten hours of sleep and being filled with anticipation for bacon.  It’s the little things.

After the bacon, we were off to the pool…

…then the beach…

…then back to the pool.  That schedule pretty much dictated our routine when the sun was shining.  Wonderful.  And speaking of wonderful, Monday night we tried the resort’s French restaurant, Bourdeaux.  Again, I will write more about food later, but we loved it.  The Napps are big fans of French cuisine.  How can you not love a culture where it’s standard to bring you a whole plate of cheese?  Monday was the night that we got the most dressed up.  It felt wonderful to be rested, sun kissed, and ready for an elegant night out together.

We really could not have asked for a more perfect day on that Monday.  While the rest of the week held some unexpected adventures (stay tuned for our next post to hear about those), that first day was wonderful.  After all, we got to end the day by watching the final presidential debate and ordering more room service.

For the rest of the story, click here.


One thought on “Secrets and Sandy (Part 1)

  1. You guys look like you had a wonderful time. Can’t wait to hear more. The wedding was beautiful too. Hope to sse you soon.

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